Dickpicito and the Return of the Naked Gun


Hello and happy Sunday everyone!

With the raging popularity of Despacito this summer and Dharma’s insane dedication to learning all the words (no easy feat!), it’s no surprise the Universe couldn’t resist making sure this popped up on my news feed more than once.

Click here if you haven’t seen this!

Totally cracked me up, especially since it was around this time last year Dharma did a 5 part mini-series on the phenomenon of dick pics, complete with testimonials galore from both men and women across the board.

While this parody is clearly done for laughs and succeeds on that level, it does serve as a reminder of the deeper message – which is that dick pics are disgusting and unwanted.  Of course, right?  It seems like a no brainer, and yet… if it’s still relevant to make fun of it, it’s still happening.

Anyway, couldn’t resist sharing, and if you missed The Naked Gun series in all it’s glory, I’ve attached them here for you.


The Naked Gun Series

The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun Part II

The Naked Gun Part III

The Naked Gun Part IV

The Naked Gun Part V



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