Tiki Island



Dear Dharma,

Do you believe in curses? My BFF and I went on a topical vacation recently and had a wonderful time. Honestly, how can you not have the best time in literal paradise?

Anyway, he brought home a rock from one of the beaches and when he told me about it while we were still there I said he shouldn’t have done that. Especially since one of the tours we were on, the tour guide had said taking anything from the islands that isn’t specifically meant to be taken was forbidden. That people have felt that they are cursed when they have done it.

Since coming home he’s been having a really tough time with his family going through a bunch of challenging things and is feeling completely overwhelmed. I haven’t mentioned anything about that rock but I can’t help but feel it’s quite the coincidence. I don’t know how to help him through this.

The I-Told-You-So BFF

Dear I Told You So,

Whoa.  That’s intense.

And you betcha.  I do believe in curses and voodoo and psychics and superstitions and the abilities of the universe.

And because I believe in these things, they have power.  Like the star in Practical Magic.  Please.  Do not tell me you’ve not seen Practical Magic.  Argh, I’m nostalgic for it at the mere mention.  I now know what I’m doing tonight.   Do the same if you haven’t seen it.

Anyway, if you were to ask Mr. Dharma if any of the above phenomenon were credible (with the exception of the universe), he would struggle to keep a straight face.

Meaning to say, every belief isn’t for every person.  And clearly your BFF doesn’t subscribe to the same system as you.  Otherwise that cursed rock would still be sitting peacefully in its rightful home, in a tropical paradise far, far away.

How can you help?  Well…I don’t know the rules around stealing the rock and jetting it back to Bali or wherever the heck you were… doesn’t it have to be returned on the steam of the person who took it in the first place?  Argh, I don’t know enough about blighted rocks and their birthrights…

As I was sitting here paralyzed in fear at giving you the wrong advice and not knowing how to proceed, Mr. Dharma walked by and read this over my shoulder.  His take?  “Oh for Gawd’s sakes, tell this person to tell his/her friend to put the GD rock in a box and ship its ass back where it belongs.  Even if they don’t believe it’s the source of the problems, what’s it going to hurt???”

So there you have it.  Give that suggestion a try, and if you get nowhere, just be the best friend you can be as your pal goes through these struggles.  And try to stifle the I Told You So…



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