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Dear Dharma,

A psychic told my sister that our mom was doing black magic on us… I don’t know if it’s true, but my mom does have a split personality disorder.  What are some steps that we can take to avoid her negative vibrations?

I’ve Got a Black Magic Mama

Dear Magic Mama,

Argh!  I need more!

Like…do strange things happen to you and your sister in the dark of night that would support this allegation, and if so, like what, like what?  Like… is this split personality disorder a clinical diagnosis, or just what it seems like to you?

Sigh.  That’s the hardest part of this job, not always knowing the details.

As a side note, I wonder if Dharma needs to add anything to her disclaimer stating that she’s neither a Voodoo priestess nor an expert in black magic or psychic practices (although wildly interested in all of the above)…

Alright – moving on.  If your mom’s behaviours are in fact a result of a medical condition, you may want to have a conversation with her doctor to ensure her medications are in order and up to date.  That in itself could make all the difference.

If this isn’t a medical issue, than regardless of whether this actually is black magic at work, the negative vibrations still stand and you need to find your way around them.

What does Dharma always say?  You can’t change the behaviour of others, only your own.  So… what can you do to minimize the effect?

Can you talk to your dad (assuming he’s present and aware of the situation) to see if there is anything you can collectively do as a family to turn things around? Can you become the proverbial duck and let her negativity run right off you?  If not, can you spend less time in this negative environment?

There’s no doubt that the behaviour of parents can strongly affect their children.  However, to what degree is up to you – and fixating on whether her negative vibrations are a product of black magic won’t get you too far, because it doesn’t really matter.  Negative is negative.

And yet, Dharma can’t resist.  Check this out for 20 Effective Ways to Protect Against Negative Energy.




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