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Dear Dharma,

Firstly, I love your column! Keep it up!

My issue is this: I have a great job with lots of freedom and work with great people, BUT I’ve been contacted by a recruiting company and they have brought an interesting opportunity my way.

The switch would be a big jump into a discipline that I’m interested in, but not fully qualified for. I’ve been up front about my qualifications, so if the opportunity turns into an offer I don’t know what I’ll do!

They’re willing to train me, so that’s awesome, but the dilemma is that I love what I do now! The work I do challenges me, and I’m on the verge of learning what the new company would be teaching me, it’ll just take longer with my current job.

The new job would also mean a move to a new city, so that’s a huge life change.  Do you have any suggestions to help me make this big decision?

Traveler at a Fork in the Road

Dear Fork,

Well, you know what Dharma always says… Make a list!

I know that sounds like a lame way to tackle a big decision like this, but there’s something about putting pen to paper that helps put things in perspective.

Start with the easy stuff.  Salary, benefits, vacation time, hours, stocks, pension plans, etc.  Things that are quick and easy to compare, and not based in emotion.

The next part is a bit trickier, because it has to do with quality of life.  Money isn’t everything and you have to be at least somewhat happy with the path you are on.  Think big picture as you tackle this part.  Where are you in 5 years at either company?  I know you can’t answer that with any certainty, but go with your gut.

The last part is the trickiest of all, which is the move to another city.  Without knowing your current situation, I don’t know what you’d be leaving behind or what you see in front of you.

So I’ll just ask this – does the thought of this new city leave you feeling excited at the thought of exploring it and making it your home, or are you filled with dread because it’s a place you simply never would want to live…

Once you’ve done all this, I’m guessing the answer will be clearer to you.  However, as a side note – no matter what your gut says, maybe just question it a little bit.  By that I mean, if you think it’s saying, “No, don’t do it!” – make sure that’s your gut talking, and not your fear.

Would love to hear how this goes, so please feel free to pop back and give us an update!



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  • Happy traveller says:

    Thanks Dharma!
    The offer never materialized but the possibility of a new role did make me do some evaluations on my current job. I ended up asking for a raise, and the boss said yes! He even suggested a title change to correspond with the it! Now my resume will have a title that reflects my responsibility level.
    Thanks again Dharma!

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