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Dear Dharma,

I just found your site and think it’s great!  Hoping you can help with a workplace dilemma I am having.

I am an architectural consultant, and have several long term clients that I work with fairly regularly.  When things get built or renovated, I am one of the main facilitators between the people who want to get things done, and the people who actually do the things.

On a recent project, one of my clients had a request for some large scale artwork, and as these things so often work out, I had very recently been in contact with a friend who does this sort of thing.  As the advisor, I put my client in touch with my friend, and the project was on.

It was a successful venture, client and artist were happy, and it could be the first of several similar works.  It’s all good right?  Well, almost.

All through the work, my friend was on social media sending shout outs and big thanks to any and all who helped her on “my major new project”.  Her family for being supportive, her assistant for helping with the work, the guy at the deli for the best sandwiches, even the client for taking a chance on her.  In short, everyone but me!  The one who was responsible for getting her the gig in the first place!

Am I wrong in feeling slighted by this?  I don’t know how to approach her, or even if I should.  Is there any way at all to bring this up without looking like a diva?  I know it’s just Twitter and Facebook, but I gotta rate higher than the guy that makes the tuna on rye.

Now I Want a Sandwich

Dear Sandwich,

Wow.  Funny how people’s brains work, right?

Like… how could you not have made the list?  I mean, not that a solid tuna on rye shouldn’t make the cut for a shout out, but come on!

To answer your questions – no, you are not wrong to feel slighted, and no, there is no way to bring this up with anyone but Dharma and not look like a diva.

Unfortunately, I think this is one of those situations where you have to “rise above”, “take the high road”, “be the better person” and pretty much every other cliché we can throw your way.

Well, except… I don’t think there’d be anything wrong with Liking her shout out posts, just so she knows you’ve seen them…

Oooh – and maybe adding a comment here and there to the likes of, “SO glad my match making paid off for the two of you!  Wishing you continued success on these great projects, your work is beautiful! :)” The smiley face is very important in this case, so don’t leave it out …

Now that doesn’t make you a diva, does it?

That is totally what I would do…  🙂



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  • rgayer55 says:

    I like the subtle reminder, “glad my match making paid off for the two of you.”
    I’ve had the same experience as Sandwich. I tried to be happy for them, but at the same time casually remind them who put the corned beef on their rye.

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