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Just a reminder that today is your last day to get in on the contest for a $25 (CDN) Amazon gift card – and all you need to do is send in a question!

Something bugging you?  Problem with a co-worker, or maybe your partner?  Crazy neighbour peering in your window and you don’t know what to do about it?

Easy – just ask Dharma!  Not only will you get some great advice, but for every question submitted before midnight (PST) today, you will be entered into a draw for a $25 (CDN) Amazon card. You can submit as many questions as you like, and each one will count as a separate entry.

You will have to include your email address so that you can be quickly notified if you’re the lucky winner, but be assured, Dharma will staunchly protect your identity.  The winner will be selected by a random draw and notified by email on Monday October 2, 2017.

And hey – maybe share this with your friends and family so they can get in on the action, too!  Of course, you’ll want to take a cut on the winnings, right?

All you need to do is click right here and you’re on your way to something fun from Amazon!    And really, is there anything you can’t buy from them?  Oh – and a fun fact – did you know that the arrow running from the a to the z in their logo is meant to indicate that they actually do sell everything… from A to Z?

Just one question per entry, please and thanks…



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