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Dear Dharma,

I just got a new roommate, so we are just in the getting to know you stage, and for the most part we get along GREAT!

The problem is whenever I’m watching my guilty pleasure soap opera, she joins me.  She’s never watched the show, and maybe she’s just trying to bond with me, but this is MY show, MY quiet time, MY escape – and she keeps interrupting me with stupid questions and comments.

How do I get her to stop??


Dear Desperate,

Guilty pleasure soap opera!  Oooh, which one?!?

You are correct in thinking your new roomy is just trying to create a bond with you, considering you have just recently moved in together.  It’s a good thing to keep in mind that her intentions are not meant as annoying, albeit that’s the result.

The best way to handle this, as with many cases, is with humour.  Since it doesn’t sound like you want her to flat out stop watching TV with you, and you just want her to shut it with the questions and commentary, try deflecting the situation before it even happens.

The next time you are all comfy and cosy with your popcorn and settling in to see what the Newman’s are up to these days, put the show on pause, smile and say, “Okay, here we go!  What questions can I answer for you before we get started?  It might be easier for you to follow along if we do it this way.”  Smile.

Answer whatever she asks and then say something along the lines of, “Alrightee!  Let’s regroup at the end of the show with anything else you want to chat about!  No talking until then!!”  SMILE.

Hopefully that will be enough to keep her quiet so you can watch uninterrupted… but if not, a joking, “Dude, seriously, SHH!” followed with a chuckle should do the trick.

But really – I do want to know… are Nikki and Victor actually still even alive?

But wait!  There’s more!!

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