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Well, hello there and a very happy Sunday to you!

Dharma’s sure been busy these days and enjoys keeping you up to date regarding what’s up!  We’ve been growing like crazy and just hit 6,000 followers on Twitter, which is really fantastic…  Can we hit 7,000 by year end?  I think we can!

We are thrilled to continue our relationship with the St. Paul Journal, a newspaper an hour or so outside of Edmonton, Alberta – and we’re hoping to expand our reach in that area over the next little while.  We’ve been published there the last two weeks in a row and are hoping to hit their Facebook feed sometime soon!

Dharma would like to welcome the SPJ readers who can now enjoy Dharma in print with their weekly subscription and invites all the rest of you to check out this great community resource!

We’ve also started working with LifeLights Online Magazine and would love for you to go and check them out!  Dharma is hoping to be a regular feature there, so any love you can throw them would be hugely appreciated!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and we’ll see you in the morning!



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