An Eye for an Eye



Dear Dharma,

I kinda have a weird question but something made me really uncomfortable and I don’t know if I’m overreacting or not.

Last week I was at the gym. I don’t normally change at the gym, I just drive there in what I’m wearing and change when I get home. This time, though, I had to go to a dinner right after the gym so I had to change and get ready there.

I went into one of those stalls and there was a hole in the door where the lock was supposed to be. It was the only one left and I just took it as I was in a rush. I was in the middle of changing and a woman stuck her eye through the peep hole and looked at me changing.

It wasn’t a quick glance to see who was in there… She hovered for a few seconds too long. It’s an all-female change room but this made me really uneasy. I didn’t know how to react.

Should I have yelled at her or banged on the door? I don’t know! What would you do in this scenario? She needs to know that this is not right!

Somebody’s Watching Me

Dear Watching,

Blargh!  Full body shudder at the thought of an eye just floating there in the peep hole…

When I picture myself in that situation, all I can hear is my voice saying, “Ummm – HELLO?” – and me looking at the eye with an incredulous expression on my face.

That’s pretty solid advice, hey?  🙂

I guess the main point to that is letting her know she’s been seen – creepy people don’t like to stand out, and they sure don’t like to be called out, generally speaking…

Additionally, if you were able to pick her out of a crowd, you know, just by that one eye, I would bring it up with management.  You don’t know that you’re the only one she’s been… eyeing up… and if enough people report it, they may be able to suspend or revoke her membership.

Oh – and by the way?  She already knows it’s not right.



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