Tired of Kissing Frogs



Dear Dharma,

I’ve been in and out of relationships with guys right from my teenage years. Recently the guy I thought was going to ask me out on a hot date told me he only thinks of me as a good and amazing friend and nothing more.

Yes, guys find me pretty enough and accommodating but then none of the guys I like have ever asked me out! It’s either they friend zone me or show their interest in one of my girlfriends!

I am so fed up with the whole enchilada! I am pretty, blonde, got a nice voice, a great body – everything you’d think guys would find attractive but I only get frogs instead of Princes!

What do you think I’m doing wrong?! I am so tired of guys flocking around me but not so much as showing any interest in me beyond a platonic relationship.

I’m in my late twenties and have a nice paying job. I would like to get married, have kids and settle down just like everyone else!

Help me! What do I do to get guys to ask me out! I don’t want to remain single forever!

No More Frogs, Please

Dear Frogs,

As I read your question, I kept thinking, “I know I’ve read something recently that would really help with this… what was it?”  And then I remembered… an article called Would YOU Date You?  Do You Know How You Come Across to Others?

This is going to be a great starting place for you, especially the questionnaire section.  Because learning how others see you is key in a situation like this and I think you could get a lot of value from doing that exercise.

It sounds like you have a lot of fantastic attributes… but that obviously doesn’t guarantee anybody a solid place in the “happily ever after” storybook, as much as we’re told differently.  Yup, that’s Dharma, blaming the problems of the world on Disney, yet again…

So take the time to dig in and figure out what it is you’re putting out there that might be preventing you from finding a guy to go the distance with.  And be patient, okay?  Not all of your happiness needs to tied up in being with someone right now.  As lame as this sounds, most things work out exactly in the timeline they are supposed to.



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