She Wants to Sneak a Peak!



Dear Dharma,

My husband ordered gifts for me online for Christmas and asked me not to open them when they showed up. One came in today and I am dying to know what it is…!

What should I do?  Can I peak?

Curious Elf

Dear Curious,

Ha, you need to step away from the package, my friend… just step away…

I mean, I am totally with you. I’d be dying to know too.  And I’ll admit, I might just give that box a little shake and a little twist… but beyond that?

Take that box and put it in the closet, out of sight and out of mind.  Then send your husband a text letting him know where you’ve put it.

Because anything beyond that just ruins the fun, doesn’t it… He wants you to be surprised on Christmas morning, and quite frankly, faking that reaction isn’t going to be all that enjoyable for you either.

Plus, there’s the whole trust thing, right?  He totally trusts you’re not going to open any of these packages, otherwise he simply wouldn’t get them delivered there. Would you honestly feel good about betraying that?  Probably not…

So keep yourself off of Santa’s Naughty List and remove the temptation by hiding them away as they arrive.



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