Happy New Year or Not?



Dear Dharma,

I work in the service industry and believe in a bright smile and friendly greeting as much as the next guy…but when it comes to saying “Happy New Year”, isn’t it a bit much to STILL be saying it in mid-January??!!

My co-worker is still greeting people with a hearty Happy New Year, and I don’t know how to make him stop!

Please help…

Frustrated Fred

Dear Fred,

You know, this actually isn’t the first time I’ve come across this question, but up until now I never had a reason to truly dig deep.

Of course Google, being my best friend, helped solve this etiquette dilemma, so check out this article when you have a minute.

Basically, January 7 is the cut off.  We don’t wish someone Merry Christmas on December 30 and we don’t say Happy St. Patrick’s Day on March 25.  Giving a hearty “Happy New Year” more than a week after the occasion has occurred can come off sounding insincere.

So feel free to let your co-worker know it’s okay to let go and move on.



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