Tap Dancer’s Confession



Dear Dharma,

I am a 30-something woman who has always been self-conscious about weight.  I’ve worked hard to reach a level of self-acceptance and have been making a lot of progress… or at least I thought I was.

I recently started taking tap dancing lessons, and it’s so much fun!  The problem is there is a year-end recital and my group is performing… on stage… for an audience!

I am terrified!  The thought of being up there in a costume with others that look so much better than I do makes my stomach turn. I’m considering dropping the class just so I don’t have to do this.

Any words of wisdom before I retire the taps?

Notorious T.A.P.

Dear Notorious,

Congratulations on the tap lessons!  Talk about getting outside your comfort zone.  And you’re right; it is so much fun, as well as a fantastic way to incorporate rhythm and movement into your world!

Self-acceptance can be a struggle for a variety of reasons, and it sounds like you‘ve been doing a great job moving towards that space.

Whatever you’ve been doing to get this far – keep doing it!  Continue tapping into that state of mind to get you through this, because I honestly think you will be disappointed in yourself if you let this recital get the better of you.

It’s meant to be a celebration of your accomplishment, not a pageant, right?

Give yourself permission to forget the recital completely and keep moving to that music.  Whether or not you participate in the performance is not something you need to decide now and you have no idea how you are going to feel about it in a year.

But here’s something you can decide on now – are you going to let fear to dictate how you live your life?  Will you allow it to set you back and take away this brilliant new experience you love?

Stay in the classes, keep shuffle ball-changing down that road towards self-acceptance and let’s just see where you land, okay?



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