Can Thank You Be Said Too Much?



Dear Dharma,

My friend is always at me for not saying Thank You…. seriously, is this really an issue?

When I go to a restaurant and the waiter drops off my beverage then two minutes later my appetizer and then my dinner, am I really obligated to say thank you every time?

It’s a bit repetitive… no?



Judy, Judy, Judy,

You have so come to the wrong person if you are looking to be validated on this one…

Dharma is huge on acknowledging people.  And quite frankly, being acknowledged.  Ha, just ask Mr. Dharma, he’ll tell you all about it…  Nothing makes me crazier than doing a nice thing for someone and not getting a base “thanks!”  I’ll stand there and stare you down until it occurs to you to be polite.

When you just ignore a person who brings you something, it comes off as entitled… another major irritant in the world of Dharma. Is that what you want to be putting out there?

So, yes – when the waiter drops off your beverage, and then your appie, and then your dinner, say thank you.  Every time. Someone just did something for you, so acknowledge them.  It’s called kindness, it’s called manners, it’s called graciousness.

And even if it does seem a bit repetitive, so what… the problem in the world today is not too much repetitive kindness, I can assure you of that.




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