The Best of Dharma – The One With the Pizza Guy



Hello everyone – while Dharma is away enjoying some fun in the sun, we’ll be taking a look back at some of The Best of Dharma.  There’s always lots to choose from in that category, right?

Dear Dharma,

I was in relationship that ended quite badly 2 years ago.  I feel I have dealt with the issues and heartache that came from that, and am SO ready to move on.

Not sure if it’s Mother Nature, or the 2 year lack of “intimate contact”, but I seem to be attracted to almost every man in sight.

Don’t worry, I’ve been well behaved, BUT I have a huge crush on my pizza guy! Like crazily attracted to him – I mean really, the pizza guy!?!?

I find myself ordering often.  ?

Do I go for it?  Or wait and see if maybe it’s just my hormones on overdrive?

Pepperoni, Extra Cheese

Dear Cheese,

Wasn’t there a Friends episode about this, where Ross had a crush on the pizza delivery girl?  If I recall, his flirting was so atrocious, he drove her away…

Hopefully you’ve got more game than Ross if you want to move on this.  Please have more game than Ross Geller…!

I kind of feel like I should be talking you out of this instead of being your wingman, but hey, what the heck, I’m feeling a bit devilish tonight and this seems like fun.  But please don’t write me in a month that you’re having a baby, okay?

Have you established a rapport with him as of yet?  Has he noticed you order the special of the day every. single. day?  I’m really hoping you answer yes to either one of these questions, because that needs to be the platform you take your plunge from.

If that status has been achieved, then do it, take the plunge.  Say something like, “It sure would be nice to see you somewhere other than outside my front door – maybe we could grab a drink one night?”

The risk you run is that he says no and you have to find a new pizza place.  That’s not the end of the world, right?

Please oh please come back and tell us how this goes!



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