Partaken with the Bacon



Dear Dharma,

Love your advice and I hope this question isn’t too small of an issue for you!

My husband and I are at a total stand-off. The culprit?


I hate, hate, hate bacon! I don’t like the smell of it, the mouthfeel, the taste – anything. It grosses me right out.

Of course, my husband loves bacon.

Naturally I have a mini meltdown whenever he cooks it. I think we shouldn’t even have it in the house. In addition to my distaste for it, it’s not healthy and we do strive to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

He justifies it as his one allowable food vice, and says why should my dislike for bacon trump his love for it?

We do love each other and communicate well. We’re not headed to divorce court or anything like that over this. But neither can we come to a reasonable agreement! I say he should only eat it when we go out so I don’t have to deal with it at home. He says he’s a grown man that can eat what he pleases.

Which one of us is right?


Unpopular Opinion about Bacon

Dear Bacon,

You know, this is the second time in the history of Dear Dharma that I’ve been able to say

Dear Bacon

Read Bringin’ Home the Bacon to see what I am talking about – which will further cement that you are indeed among the minority when it comes to bacon!

So which one of you is right, you ask… Gah.  Both of you!

But… him a little bit more than you.

Mainly because, as he says, grown man = eat what you want.

I’m sorry.

Now, if he’s makin’ the bacon every single day and twice on Sundays, that’s a different story.  That would clearly be a situation that needed some compromise.

But if it’s every now and then, I think you need to let it go.  This would be one of those “When you can’t change the behavior of others, change the behavior of yourself” kind of moments.

Leave the house, go for a walk, do some shopping and be happy this is the biggest obstacle in your marriage.  Cuz I know lots of ladies who would be more than happy to partake in the bacon with him.



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  • I have to admit, if I stopped cooking everything my husband doesn’t like, I’d be very unhappy! He hates curry for example, whereas I love it… and that definitely smells! And coffee… he also detests that, whereas I love it. I think putting up with your other half’s food preferences is just part and parcel of being married!

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