Need More than Dharma?

Sometimes (not often but it could happen) Dharma might not have the answer that works for you.  Or she may not have gotten a question that fits your problem, but you don't feel up to writing in and asking for yourself.  Hey it's ok! It can be daunting to ask personal questions, even anonymously.

Dharma doesn't have the good advice market cornered, there are many sources.  Check out some of these other advice people, there is a good chance you will find the answer you are looking for somewhere in here!

Or maybe you're like Dharma herself, and sometimes you just need something good to read.  These are some of Dharma's favourites...

Carolyn Hax  - advice columnist for The Washington Post, nationally syndicated.

Dear Prudence - advice columnist for Slate online magazine, includes video segments.

Rhona Raskin - radio and print advice columnist, published book of advice columns.

Ask Cynthia - great advice columnist with CTV's The Social

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