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What People say about Dharma

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Thanks for all the chuckles!  I used to love reading the Dear Abby column & now you are bringing that all back with a modern flare!  Dear Abby was never this funny.  
I've been reading Dharma since the start. She gives the most informative, realistic, personable advice related to all life events. She is the kind of person that I want as a friend. She is so knowledgeable and puts a great deal of thought and effort into her answers. Her advice is honest and non-judgmental with a perfect amount of humor to add to a rough time that someone may be having.
I also LOVE the fact that it's anonymous!! Who wants the whole world to know your personal life??!  Also, it makes it easier to ask those questions that you wouldn't want to say out loud.. even to your friends or family. 
Thank you Dharma for all the great advice you have given and to the many more questions you will be answering! I always get so excited to see when there is a new Dharma post!
Prince George
I've been reading Dharma since day one and I always look forward to reading what she has to say.  Dharma gives great advice and always manages to do with a touch of humour.
I've used Dharma a few times...she just doesn't know it! Her advice has always been spot on!
Thanks Dharma!
Oh Dharma - you make me laugh at every turn! I find your advice to be insightful and thoughtful, and the fact that you give people dialogue to work with is very helpful.  Keep up the great work - before you know it, they'll be calling you the modern day Dear Abby!
V. MacDonald
White Rock

Dear Dharma gave me the courage to stop going crazy over analyzing myself and address a tumultuous relationship that has been plaguing me for years. Thank you for giving me the frank advice and gentle push I needed! It gave me the courage to say my piece and finally close the door on a painful chapter. 


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